AM LABEL is one of the anti theft accessories which prevent shoplifting in the stores.

This label is very efficient & practical to use on articles since although it’s a small size but can keep safe articles.

The AM label’s size is 1cm*4cm in white & bar code design.

The AM label’s  performance is as below:

We usually install an EAS security antenna in Entrance/Exit & stick AM label on the articles including cosmetics,mobile,bag,shoes,can,clothes,cream & etc.

In this case, when some one is going to steal something & pass through the antenna,it will alarm & inform the owner.

For example, AM label can be stick on the perfume & when some one is going to pass it through the antenna & take it out, the antenna cause alarming.

In this case,we can protect stealing perfume which is too expensive.

Therefor, equipped stores with security antennas make sense.

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